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  • Right page shows the entire Arabic alphabet starting with Alif Baa Taa. Left hand page let's readers write their name and scan a  QR code to Youtube in order to read along with the authors
  • The Arabic Alphabet book showing sample page of two letters and corresponding animals. The Arabic alphabet and the name of the animal are written in Arabic and are transliterated in English, making it easy to learn Arabic.
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The Arabic Alphabet & The World of Animals: Learning My Arabic Alphabet

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The Arabic Alphabet & the World of Animals board book will immerse your child in the Arabic language by introducing them to the Arabic alphabet and a world of corresponding colorful animals. 

At Rumaneh, we understand the importance of introducing kids to the Arabic language from an early age, and designed The Arabic Alphabet & The World of Animals to be: 



The Arabic Alphabet & The World of Animals book will introduce your kids to the building blocks of the Arabic language. 


A truly one-of-a-kind book offering a cohesive narrative along with vibrant, fun, and colorful illustrations to keep your child engaged.


It provides written and audiovisual forms of the pronunciations of each letter and animal name so that parents and caregivers who do not speak Arabic can engage in the child's learning process.

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