Arabic Alphabet Arts and Crafts for Summertime Fun

Arabic Alphabet Arts and Crafts for Summertime Fun


Welcome to the sun-drenched days of summer! At Rumaneh, we believe that the longer, brighter days are the perfect canvas to splash with creativity and learning. And this year, we've designed a treasure trove of summer arts and crafts activities for your little ones that beautifully merge fun and learning.

As an Arab-American brand that cherishes our rich heritage, we've woven the magic of our Arabic Alphabet Children's Book into each of these activities. This summer, the book won't just sit on your child's shelf; it will come to life, sparking their imagination and deepening their bond with the Arabic language.

Not yet part of your home library? Don't worry! You can easily get your hands on this fun and engaging board book. Just click on this link: Arabic Alphabet Children's Book, and it will take you straight to our Rumaneh store. Get your copy today and let the fun learning journey begin!

These arts and crafts projects aren't just about keeping your children entertained. They're about teaching them the beauty of Arabic in a way that's as engaging and vibrant as a summer afternoon. So, let's dive in and see what exciting activities we have in store, as we infuse each summer day with a dose of creativity, learning, and lots of fun!


       Arabic alphabet arts and crafts

1. Arabic Alphabet Flashcards

Materials: Cardstock, markers, scissors

Let's turn each Arabic letter into a personal flashcard. On one side, you can write the Arabic letter and sketch the adorable animal from our book next to it. On the other side, inscribe the English transliteration. These cards will serve as your toddler's mini-guide to the Arabic alphabet, linking the letter, its sound, and a charming animal friend.

Arabic Alphabet Crafts  

2. Animal Crafts for Each Letter

Materials: Construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes

Brace yourselves for a crafting journey through the alphabet! Take inspiration from our book and create an animal craft for each Arabic letter. When teaching "Ba" for "But-ah" (duck), why not create a cute paper duck together? These hands-on activities reinforce letter recognition and build a long-lasting relationship with each Arabic letter.

 Arabic Alphabet Arts and Crafts

3. Arabic Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Materials: The Arabic Alphabet and The World of Animals Book, objects around the house

    The thrill of a scavenger hunt comes to life with our Arabic Alphabet Children's Book! Hide objects around your home linked to the Arabic letters in the book. For example, for "Jeem" (camel), hide a toy camel or a jacket. Your little ones, guided by their book, then embark on a fun-filled hunt, learning with every find.

    But the adventure doesn't stop at home! Why not take the book to the zoo? Identify animals matching the Arabic letters they've learned. This outing extends their Arabic learning journey and gives them a real-world connection to their book. Enjoy this exciting exploration of Arabic!

     Arabic Alphabet Storytime

    4. Storytime with the Arabic Alphabet and The World of Animals Book

    Materials: Your imagination!

    Unleash the power of storytelling and enhance your child's vocabulary! Use our book as a prompt and spin enchanting tales about each Arabic letter and its corresponding animal. Imagine the adventures of "Asad" (lion) who roars with 'Ain' or the cunning "Tha-lab" (fox) who skillfully pronounces 'Th-aa.' This will not only spark their creativity but also solidify the memory of each Arabic letter.

    Arabic Alphabet Arts and Crafts - Painting

    5. Arabic Alphabet T-Shirt Painting

    Materials: Plain white t-shirts, fabric paint, paintbrushes

    Let's channel your little Picasso's creativity onto fabric! Paint an Arabic letter and its corresponding animal from our book on a t-shirt. They will beam with pride wearing their unique Arabic alphabet t-shirts, showcasing their artistic talents and newfound knowledge.

    Arabic Alphabet Stickers

    6. DIY Alphabet Poster

    Materials: Large poster paper, markers, animal stickers from our book (Available here, and here

    Turn learning into a creative project by designing a giant poster featuring all the Arabic letters and their friendly animal companions. The poster can be hung in your child's room or your family's learning space, serving as an aesthetically pleasing and educational masterpiece!

    Remember, the aim here is to make learning Arabic as engaging and enjoyable as possible. These activities are not only educational but also a great bonding opportunity. So, get ready to immerse your child in a whirlwind of colors, shapes, and sounds as you embark on this Arabic learning journey together.

    Yalla, let's get started and happy learning!

    Rumaneh Team 

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