30 At-Home Ramadan Activities

30 Day Ramadan Activity List for Kids

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a wonderful time of intentionally connecting with Allah and our communities by observing fast, prayer, and reflection. 

To celebrate Ramadan, the team at Rumaneh has put together a list of 30 activities that will introduce your kids to Ramadan, teach them Ramadan traditions and values from around the world, and, of course, help celebrate the Holy Month with fun DIY activities for the whole family. 




Activity No. 1: Introduce Ramadan to your child through storytime.

We recommend Tell Me More About Ramadan by Bachar Karroum and My first Ramadan by Karen Katz.


Activity No. 2: Create Moon Sighting binoculars to observe the start, middle, and end of Ramadan.

DIY Ramadan Binoculars

  Learn how to create your own Ramadan Binoculars here


Activity No. 3: Introduce your children to praying by designating a children’s prayer corner.


Activity No. 4: Teach your kids Ramadan greetings in different languages.

Check out Aljazeera's Infographic on Ramadan greetings in 16 different languages


Activity No. 5: Decorate the house to celebrate the month of Ramadan.

  1. Make paper lanterns (Our favorite Youtube Tutorial)
  2. Crescent moon and starts (Easy DIY tutorial)
    DIY Ramadan Lanterns


    Activity No. 6: Create drawings for friends and relatives wishing Ramadan Mubarak.


    Activity No. 7: Make halal rice crispy treats. 

    Halal Rice Crispy Treats

    Check out this yummy Halal Rice Crispy Recipe and get the cookie cutters on Etsy


    Activity No. 8: Read Ramadan stories throughout the month of Ramadan.

    Check out Rumaneh’s list of favorites.


    Activity No. 9: Explore how Ramadan is observed and celebrated around the world.

    1. How the world celebrates Ramadan YouTube video
    2. Unique Ramadan traditions YouTube video


      Activity No. 10: Sadaqah

      1. Go through toys, books, and clothing with your kids to donate to those in need.
      2. Find local organizations in your area to volunteer at with your little ones.


        Activity No. 11: Create a good deeds tree and add leaves whenever you and your child have done something good for others in your family, your community, your school, etc...

        Here's a good example of a Ramadan Good Deeds Tree.


        Activity No. 12: Ask your kids to help prepare for daily iftars.

        Ask them to help put together a date plate, table setting and more!


          Activity No. 13: Cook up some Ramadan dishes from around the world.

          Check out Rumaneh's Best of Ramadan Recipes for meal inspiration!


          Activity No. 14: Share your favorite Ramadan traditions and memories from your own childhood.


          Activity No. 15: Give to charity.


          Activity No. 16: Teach your children the dua when breaking fast.


          Activity No. 17: Learn a new Islamic word or surah together.


          Activity No. 18: Make a Tasbeeh together.

          Watch this Tasbeeh for Kids YouTube video.


          Activity No. 19: Practice a Dhikr using the Tasbeeh.


          Activity No. 20: Send food to your neighbor.


          Activity No. 21: Smile at everyone you see.


          Activity No. 22: Read or listen to your favorite surah.


          Activity No. 23: Offer help to your siblings or friends.


          Activity No. 24: Call and check up on an elder or sick person.


          Activity No. 25: Teach your kids about Ramadan's fasting traditions.


          Activity No. 26: Draw something about Ramadan that makes you happy.


          Activity No. 27: Learn together the story of the prophet of your choice.


          Activity No. 28: Read Surat Al Qadr & teach your children about the night of power. 


          Activity No. 29: Make Eid holiday cards for your loved ones.


          Activity No. 30: Prepare your Eid celebration outfits.


          We wish you and your loved ones Ramadan Mubarak! 


          For more Ramadan content, check out our other blog posts 10 Books to Read With Your Kids During Ramadan and Best of Ramadan Recipes.

          The Rumaneh Team

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